The better you ski - the more fun you have!

Powder, Bumps, Steeps, Short Turns or simply being able to ski black runs safely: 

Find out HOW it works and understand WHY you want to do certain things in skiing.

Available for Download, On-Demand, DVD and in various packages at great discounts in the Sofa Ski School SHOP.

Highly effective lessons based on the Austrian Teaching System for skiers of ALL Levels.

Sofa Ski School How to Ski Videos have sold over 20.000 times and have proved to work. Klaus Mair shows skiing lessons and exercises for lower intermediate to expert skiers that will help you to understand skiing better.

Find links to over 250 reviews from much improved skiers of all levels below!

Sofa Ski School does not try to fix your skiing with some quick, general tips! Find out exactly what you should and should not be doing and how you can improve your skiing skills.

The instructionals should not replace a ski school visit but will help you progress faster with a deeper understanding of how skiing works. Laminated reminder cards will further help you to remember the key elements.

With better technique you will be able to ski more comfortably on steeper terrain and at higher speeds, you will be able to ski with less effort and with more control, which will increase your safety and help you last all day.


- over 4 hours of Skiing Lessons

- over 40 ski technique exercises

- 6 pocket sized and laminated reminder cards for the slopes

- instant Member Area Access (within 24h)

FREE Member Area Access! 100% Money Back Guarantee! World Wide Shipping!

I hope my Videos and this website will help you to get the most out of this great sport!



Martin Gabriel from Sydney, Australia

Monday, 13-10-14 06:28

Hi Klaus, Firstly thank you so much. Your first DVD improved my skiing dramatically. As well as teaching me more, the second one showed me how much more there is to learn. So much to learn, so little time. Again, thank you very much. Not only did you explain wonderful concepts which have lifted my skiing to the next level, but introduced me to feelings on the mountain I had only imagined.
Kind regards,


Wednesday, 16-01-13 07:33

Dear Klaus, here is the update on my trip to France. It was certainly the best I have ever had thanks to you and your DVD. I followed your instructions to the letter and had the most amazing week. I started with all your drills and by the second day was using pistes that I would never have dared to try before. I can't thank you enough for your help in making this trip one I will never forget!



Monday, 17-10-16 15:39

I bought from Blue to Black a few years ago which I found to be the best skiing instruction I had ever watched so when I realised you from Blue to Powder out there was only one thing to do and that was to order a copy. The instruction helped me no end last year and whilst I love the skiing I get to do, last year, well I really felt like I made a jump forwards with a lot less energy being used to ski and also feeling the flow of body and ski's moving together.

250+ reviews from customers that are now skiing better:

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